New eBook reader from Sony available

During the IFA press conference Sony announced a new eBook reader: PRS-T2, the successor of the TS1. The interest in this announcement was considerably low, this may be due to the fact, that the TS2 is pretty much the same than the TS1 besides the integration of a WLAN module. This module should enable users to buy eBooks online, compareable to its competitor the kindle reader. However, the Sony eBook shop is still not ready. Sony announced it will be ready at the end of 2012. In the meantime users can only buy books at which is available under “other links”. There is now also a facebook addon available where you can post on the platform.

Besides this the plastic case of the reader was enlarged, also the buttons. But the MP3 player is missing now. The display (800 x 600 Pixel) is the same from the TS1. The technology used remains e-ink pearl with its very strong contrast. Pages can be changed within less than 0.5 seconds, text is displayed as printed on recycle paper. When you change pages very fast the display is no longer inverted, which is an advantage. The device has 2 GB flash memory. The price of the device remains the same: 140 Euro.

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