PaperTab – the next generation of paper

The human media lab of the Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada developed in cooperation with plastic logic and intel labs a device which they call “flexible paper-computer”, referred as PaperTabs. PaperTabs shall completely replace real paper in the near future.

These mobile devices are completely differently operated than all other known devices such as tablets, eBook readers or smart phones. They are extremely thin, and have the flexibility of real paper. In addition they are also very robust. PaperTabs may be combined with others to form a bigger display, where as they start to communicate to each other in order to technically realize it.

Moving one page forward can be done by kinking the device in the middle, by kinking an edge an E-mail can be sent. The first prototype of the devices is still attached to a computer via a cable connection, the final product shall work without any cable. According to the developers the devices have an extremely low power consumption.

image: human media lab, Queen’s University, Canada

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