Apple iPhone 5 and 4S market leader before Galaxy S3

According to the latest market research results from “Handset Country Share Tracker”-Markterhebung (HCST) of Strategy Analytics is Apple market leader in market share and sale figures. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is now on position 3.  According to the market study  27.4 million iPhone5  and 17.4 million iPhones 4S were sold. From the Samsung Galaxy S3 only 15.4 million devices have been sold.

image: Strategy Analytics via 9to5Mac

The Apple iPhone has a current market share of 12.6%, the iPhone 4S has 8%. On position three again the Samsung Galaxy S3 with 7.1%. All other smart phones together hold a market share of 72.3% and 156.8 million sold devices. The overall market share of Apple is now approximately 21%, and this without the iPhone 4. Samsung announced to present the S3 predecessor in March 2013 – its name should be S4.

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