HTML5 is the first choice for cross-platform development

According to a study from Kendo UI with more than 5000 participating developers HTML5 is the mostly wanted platform for app developers. 50% of the participating developers did already develop in HTML5, and more than 90% will apply this technology in 2013. Only 15% still stick to a purely native development code for one platform (iOS and Android are here most common), but then they will use HTML5 for all other platforms.

A new aspect is the development of apps for the desktop. More than 2/3 of the 5000 developers want to develop apps for Windows8, 50% want to develop for Chrome OS and 1/3 is thinking of developing apps for the new Firefox OS.

50% of the developers classify Windows8 as easy for app development. The development for iOS and blackberries is classified as difficult  by 59% and 64%.

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