Electrowetting technology for eBook color display

According to Bloomberg Samsung thinks of selling their Netherland branch company  Liquavista to amazon for 77 million Euro. Liquavista is known for the development of color displays used for eBooks utilizing the so called Electrowetting technology. Samsung bought this company two years ago, which was a leader in this technology. The displays are very efficient with energy consumption and fast. In comparison to the currently by the amazon kindle used used E-Paper displays from E ink the electrowetting technology is also capable of displaying videos.

Liquavista is a company placed in Eindhoven and was originally founded by Philips. In 2010 the first presented a color display using the Electrowetting technology.

Electrowetting is a microfluidic phenomena that is currently enjoying explosive growth as a driving mechanism for a wide range of fluidic and electro-optic applications. Electrowetting modifies the surface tension of liquids on a solid surface using a voltage. By applying a voltage, the wetting properties of a hydrophobic surface can be modified and the surface becomes increasingly hydrophilic (wettable). With Electrowetting displays, the modification of the surface tension is used to obtain a simple optical switch by contracting a colored oil film electrically. Without a voltage, the colored oil forms a continuous film and the color is visible to the consumer. When a voltage is applied to the display pixel the oil is displaced and the pixel becomes transparent. When different pixels are independently activated, the display can show content like an photograph or a video.

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