First European MOOC initiative started

With the support of the European Commission partners from 11 European countries started the first European MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) initiative. MOOC is a worldwide trend, many well known institutions offer a huge amount of free courses for millions of registered users. Well known examples include Coursera  and Udacity. In Europe there was up to now no common European initiative present. On the open up education portal currently about 40 courses are offered in twelve European languages. Lead partner is the union of distance learning universities (EADTU), partners are open universities.

Current course topics include mathematics, economics, ICT, cultural heritage, climatic change, social competencies and language courses. Each partner offers the courses at least in the local language. Up to now the following countries are present: Turkey, Lithuania, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.

Courses can be executed either in a preset time frame or according to the individual pace of the students. Average study times for the courses are between 20 and 200 study hours. All courses are credited either with a formal certificate, a badge or an ECTS-certificate (European Credit Transfer System). The latter costs between 25 and 400 Euro and can be used/counted within the own study.

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