Smartphones and tablets replace the classic camera

Most smartphones have an integrated camera which is permanently used by users also in vacation. Smartphones with Internet connection usually also offer publishing of pictures immediately on social media platforms such facebook which is a clear advantage in comparison to classic cameras. According to a survey performed by Bitkom 65% of smartphone users make images with the integrated camera, 39% do not even own a camera anymore.

However, smartphones have not completely displaced classical cameras. Especially owners of SLR cameras uses their camera very often during vacation. 85% take their SLR to the holiday destination. Compact cameras are used by 76% and mobile phones by 51%. It is surprising that 31% uses their table PC to make photos, due to the rather bad image quality. As already stated above the main reason seems to be the network connection of the smart phones which is uses in order to publish photos on social media platforms. Producers of cameras have already reacted and start to equip cameras with mobile OS such as Android and network connections (e.g. WiFi access is offered by the Nikon Coolpix AW110).

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