Oracle turnover stagnates

Oracle is the world largest database provider. According to a press release Oracles turnover stagnates. In comparison to 2012 the turnover was the same, 11 billion dollars respectively. In the last years the turn over was growing constantly, however, the new business with servers turns out to be an obstruction. Also the yearly turnover with 37.3 billion US dollars remained the same.

Even though Oracle could raise its win in the last quarter in 2012 they could not convince their investors. The stock went down by 8%. The management announced to buy back stock with a value of 12 billion US dollars and to double the dividend, but also this message did not stabilize the stock value.

Another aspect is that Oracles business more and more overlaps with SAP, the world largest business software provider. In comparison to Oracle the German company SAP could constantly raise its turnover over the last years. But since the take over of Sun Oracle also has a hardware sector which has a dropping selling rate. This was compensated by Oracle by a slightly raising software and cloud license business.

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