Second Life celebrates its 10th anniversary – some statistics

On 23 June 2003  Second Life developed by Linden Lab was officially started. Because of this anniversary Linden Lab published some statistics. After the initial hype on this new virtual world it became a little bit silent. But still one million users visit Second Life per month and there exist 36 million accounts. Adding all the time spent in Second Life together from all users more than 217.266 years have been spent in the virtual world. In total the users spent 3.2 billion US dollars, the mostly liked items were women’s hairstyle. The land bought by users covers 1813 square kilometers, that is 14 times bigger than San Francisco.

Only a few years after the start of Second Life some news agencies such as  Reuters sent virtual journalists into Second Life and regularly brought latest news. The virtual office from Reuters was closed in 2008. In 2007 Sweden opened the first embassy in Second Life, some official representatives followed e.g. Frankfurt am Main as the first German city. Recently Second Life became a platform for online conferences and eLearning. Especially language courses are offered by some companies there eg. talkademy.

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