facebook Graph Search now also available in Germany

The new facebook functionality “Graph Search” enables the search for users with the same interests. This functionality was so far only available for users in US, but will be now also available for users in Germany as facebook announced on 8 July 2013. The only prerequisite is that users must have set “US English” as their preferred language and the search only works in English. This search will be a new way to find information on facebook, e.g. someone can search for TV series which are liked by his friends or photos from your friends from 2010.

The search reveals only facts which have been shared with the social network. A search for “restaurants which are liked by my friends” will return only restaurants where your friends have set a “like” or wrote an article on this restaurant. For search queries outside facebook Bing from Microsoft will be used which cooperates with facebook.

Privacy advocates criticize that this search might use data which was already provided a long time ago by users and therefore “forgotten”. However, this danger is always evident and not specific to this new kind of search.

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