A new robot for rescue operations – Atlas

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) introduced a new humanoid robot called Atlas. This 1.9 m high robot has a weight of 150 kg (approx. 300 pounds) and shall be used during civil rescue operations. The robot was developed by Boston Dynamics from which also the robot cat “Cheetah” was created and presented in Sept. 2012.

image: Boston Dynamics

The robot Atlas is capable of moving in rough areas and shall also carry load. Furthermore he can use his hands and feet in order to climb. His hydraulic links allow 28 degrees of freedom. In his had stereo cameras are mounted in combination with a laser for distance measurement. The electric motors of the robot need an external power supply, which somehow restricts his operations in free areas.

Atlas will show its capabilities in December 2013 at the DARPA International Robotics Challenge (DRC) where he will encounter different challenges such as driving a vehicle, wipe away rubble, break through walls, close vents and connect fire hoses.

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