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Austrian Broadcasting Corporation again banned from facebook

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) is banned again from facebook by the Austrian supreme broadcasting authority (BKS). According to BKS the ORF is in conflict with the law or permanent forums.  Already in 2012 ORF had to delete 38 facebook … Continue reading

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Already 2013 tablets will overtake PCs

According to a forecast of IDC tablets will take over PCs already in 2013, and this world wide. In Germany this is already reality: in the second quarter of 2013 more tablets have been sold to consumers than PCs. According … Continue reading

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facebook share hits 45 dollars and reaches highest value since start

After a turbulent year the facebook-share reached on 11 Sep. 2013 a new record with 45.09 US Dollars. This value was reached the last time in May, since then the share dropped down as low as  17.55 US Dollars. Currently … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi to control camera system in order to protect rhinos

The company Cambridge Consultants uses a Raspberry Pi in order to control a robust Camerasystem which monitors rhinos in the Tsavo national park. The camera system sends its data in real time over satellites to the wild life service which … Continue reading

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360 degree TV

A new camera, Omnicam360, developed by the researcher Christian Weißig the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI) in Berlin allows the recording of a 360 degrees panorama. This camera placed e.g. in a soccer field enables the user to play camera man for himself. During a … Continue reading

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Microsoft decides to go alone on the smart phone market

Nokia sells its device and service business to Microsoft. Together with relevant patents Microsoft pays 5.4 billion US Dollars which corresponds to approximately one quarterly win of Microsoft. This is much less than Google had to pay for Motorola, which … Continue reading

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