Already 2013 tablets will overtake PCs

According to a forecast of IDC tablets will take over PCs already in 2013, and this world wide. In Germany this is already reality: in the second quarter of 2013 more tablets have been sold to consumers than PCs. According to IDC it is expected that world wide 134 million PCs, 181 million notebooks, 227 million tablets and 1.013 billion smart phones will be sold in 2013.

All four categories are summed up under the term “smart connected devices”. Furthermore IDC forecasts a decrease of the turn over grow from 10.6% (2013) to 3.1% (2017). This is mainly because most consumers will by smart phones and tablets which cost less than 350 US $. The turn over will go down from 622 billion US $  (2013) to 423 billion US $ (2017).

image: IDC 2013

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