Austrian Broadcasting Corporation again banned from facebook

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) is banned again from facebook by the Austrian supreme broadcasting authority (BKS). According to BKS the ORF is in conflict with the law or permanent forums.  Already in 2012 ORF had to delete 38 facebook pages. In addition all affiliates were not allowed to post on facebook content which is in relation to their work. The ban from 2012 was overruled by the Austrian constitutional court with the argumentation this ban is against freedom to express your opinion and freedom of broadcast and press.

The new ban contradicts this decision of the constitutional court. Alexander Wrabetz, general director of ORF, will use all legal issues in order to make this new ban invalid. Main force behind this new ban was the union of Austrian newspapers. They argued that the presence of ORF in social media harms the Austrian online industry due to advertisement income is redirected to US companies such as twitter and facebook.

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