Online lecture on social media and copyright

Since 7 October 2013 a purely virtual lecture with the title “learning within the Internet: possible and feasible things” is available. The course is restricted to a maximum of 35 participants and organized by the “Akademie für Neue Medien und Wissenstransfer” of the Karl Franzens University in Graz. The course is a regular lecture of the university and restricted to students of the Karl Franzens University in Graz, who may also chose this course as a free subject.

The lecture itself is organized in modules which are offered via the LMS Moodle. The content is delivered via videos which where especially produced for this course. Contents of the lecture are grouped amongst the topic “learning within the Internet” – in more detail the course delivers how Web 2.0 technologies can be efficiently used for the study.

The course includes tasks for the students and evaluation of them within the group (students evaluate other students). Furthermore a final multimedia-based presentation has to be done.

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