3D entertainment with Glyph glasses

The new 3D glasses from Glyph projects its 3D data directly on the retina, which gives the user the impression to watch an image on an 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 m. The big advantage of the direct projection is that this also works with short sighted  people. Due to individual adaption of the focus per person people normally having to wear glasses in order to see a sharp image do not to have to wear their glasses anymore.

Glyph was developed from the company Avegant a start up company in Mountain view, Silicon Valley. Glyph glasses allows to watch normal 2D videos as well as 3D videos and computer games. Successor models shall be additionally equipped with a tracking of the head movements, so users can directly interact with 3D environments and make e.g. a 360 degrees view. The first Glyph products shall be ready end of 2014.

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