Beamer instead of a light bulp

The Californian startup Beam Labs Inc introduced a led beamer which can be used in a standard light bulp socket. This idea was so fascinating, that already more than 640.000 US Dollars have been earned instead of the expected 200.000 US Dollars starting capital.

The product called “beam” has a E27 standardc socket and fits in most lamp sockets. There is only one wheel in order to adapt the focus, inside a 1.4 GHz Dual-Core CPU works with 8 GB Ram. The beamer communicates via WLAN and bluetooth with the Internet and other devices. It can be controlled via an App which will be available under iOS and Android. For audio two 2 watt speakers are integrated. The maximum resolution is 854 x 480 pixels (which is quite low) and the luminosity is only 100 ANSI lumen.

But with this beamer you can project e.g. a Google map on the kitchen table and discus it with the family. Or you project your films on the wall at the hotel or at home. Furthermore the beamer works as a normal light bulp when the beamer is not used. According to the announcement of BeamLabs the product will be commercially available by October 2015.


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