Chip implantations are the next step after wearables

In the near future we won’t have any ID card anymore but only a chip in our body which will identify us. At least if the future will come as proposed by Kaspersky Labs which developed together with the Swedish company Bionyfiken a chip which can be implanted into human beings.

The RFID chips is within a 12 mm glass cylinder with a diameter of 2 mm and will be implanted into the skin between thumb and forefinger. Kaspersky wanted to show, that this technology is still very insecure. If the chip is brought near a NFC enabled smart phone the 880 Byte memory of the chip can be overwritten with new data. In this special case the person will simply get a new identity.

According to Biohacker Hannes Sjöblad from Bionyfiken chip implantations will be very important in connection with the Internet of things in order to continuosly communicate with the devices.  Also all ID cards such as passport and driving license can be stored on this chip making traveling easier.

However, there are still a lot of challenges in order to make this chip ready for the market. Currently the chip’s memory is still much too small and in case active (sending data) chips are needed they also need a battery. Last but not least also the security issues, as mentioned above, have to be solved.

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