Flexible OLED displays are still not as flexible as proposed

Many features where proposed for OLED displays including stable view ankle, great contrasts, energy saving, transparent if needed, cheap and flexible. However, from all these features only a small part was implemented so far.

Currently devices with organic OLED displays are still more expensive then LC displays. Also the energy efficiency of huge OLED displays is bad in comparison to LC displays, more then class B cannot be reached. LC displays reach A+ easily. There are only two features which make OLED better than LC displays: much better contrasts and the better view ankle.

With flexibility and transparency OLED displays could get a clear advantage, however, here not much has happened so far. Currently companies like Samsung talk already from flexibility in case the display is curved. But consumers would expect under flexibility much more such as rolling up, bending displays or displays which can be folded up.

So far there are only prototypes available which were displayed at various exhibitions. So there is still some hope that flexible displays in the sense of consumers will come to the market in the near future.

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