PublicWLAN – VW announces intelligent car communication

VW announced in 2019 first cars (most probably Golf) will be equipped with Public WLAN (pWLAN). pWLAN shall enable cars to exchange information about traffic infrastructure, accidents etc. This information can be exchanged in an area of 500 meter around the car in a very fast and efficient way from car to car.

Erste Volkswagen Modelle werden ab 2019 mit pWLAN ausgerüstet
(image from VW)

So cars may recognize potential risks in the traffic, e.g. when a car makes an emergency stop or sensors recognize icy streets. All these information can be distributed, so that other cars can react appropriately.

The wireless transmission is based on the IEEE 802.11p standard and shall work with any cars supporting this standard, hence is not restricted to VW cars. So the sensor area of cars can be extended to a few hundred meters by taking advantage of the sensor data of cars nearby, which makes “views around the corner” possible.

pWLAN shall be also used by road work companies in order to warn approaching cars to reduce their speed in time and to avoid accidents.

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