Police robot car to be used in Dubai for autonomous patrols

According to a press release already this year a robot police car will be used for patrols in Dubai. The mini car is equipped with face recognition software and shall identify criminals and even persecute them.

(image from: otsaw.com)

Concretely the security robot O-R3 from the US company Otsaw shall be used. This vehicle is equipped with a laser scanner, a infrared camera and lidar. Additionally the car holds a little drone which can be controlled from the central police station.

Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, chief police officer in Dubai, signed a contract so that these robots will start their patrol by the end of 2017. It also will enable live video transmissions and phone calls to persons.

All in all Dubai is the first city in the world which will use autonomous police robots. However, the city is very open to smart technologies, e.g. they are planned to introduce flying taxis. Also Google glass was already tested by the local police.

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