New Samsung assistant Bixby 2.0 shall conquer smart homes

The new version 2.0 of the Samsung’s intelligent assistant Bixby shall become even more intelligent by utilizing technology from the recently bought company Viv. Bixby shall control fridges, TV sets and other networked devices. Devices shall not be restricted to those produced by Samsung.

Up until now Bixby was a weak copy of Google Assistant and was only available on two Samsung devices: Galaxy S8 und Galaxy S8+. In version 2.0 Bixby will be extended to a platform (similar to Amazons Alexa, Google Assistant and MS Cortana). This will enable also other companies to integrate Bixby in their products. For this purpose Samsung introduced the project ambience, a small dongle chip which can be integrated in a various number of devices.


Furthermore Bixby shall be also available as a SDK. First only for a small group of Beta testing developers. However, it is the goal to make the SDK public available in the near future. Samsung did not announce so far whether also external Add-ons like Alexas skills will be supported as well.

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