First super market without cashiers

Amazon opened in Seattle (US) the first super market without any cash registers. The vision of “Amazon Go” is that customers just take the goods needed and leave afterwards the super market. The payment is done automatically via their amazon account.

(image (c) amazon)

Technically this works as follows: the customer has to use a special app “amazon go” and when entering the store the phone must be registered. The shop is equipped with many cameras which track the customers. This is done by 3D object recognition and not by face detection. The cameras track which articles are taken from which shelf, additionally each each shelf is equipped with a weighbridge so any taken article is registered. At the shop exit the customer again uses his phone for check out.

Due to technical problems the opening of the super market was delayed by one year. The software had problems with tracking large groups of people. But now the 3D object recognition and tracking is stable. It even succeeded to recognize and separate between several cloaked amazon affiliates in the same pokemon  costumes.

The super market offers food from the organic brand whole foods which was recently bought by amazon. The variety is the same as in a normal super market. However, no customer has to wait at the cashier desks when shopping is finished. Even though there are no cashiers the super market has affiliates working, e.g. one is greeting customers at the entry, several are making fresh salads, one is checking the age at the shelf with alcohol.

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