facebook sells adds based on user behavior propagation

According to Intercept magazine FBLearnerFlow artificial intelligence facebook is capable to propagate future user behavior. This software delivers data how users will behave in the future, in which products they will be interested and which attitudes they develop.

This data is sold in an anonymized version to customers can place ads specifically on future wishes. The system works similar to Predictive Policing , which predicts behavior of humans in connection with potential crimes. According to fb data like current location, WLAN access details, viewed videos, friend list and connected profiles are used.

facebook already introduced FBlearnerFlow already in May 2016. It was introduced as a software which helps to provide users the most relevant information. The software calculates millions of models and makes more than 6 million forecasts per second. As an example the software can immediately deliver all users who are close to change from one brand to a competitor, which is a kind of loyalty forecast.

Hence advertising changes dramatically. No more users will get ads e.g. for a new Renault but it will be analyzed if the user is already dissatisfied with his current car. Based on this alternatives are presented.

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