Google invests 22 million Dollar in the mobile operating system KaiOS

Google invests 22 million US dollars into the mobile operating system KaiOS which runs on so called “feature phones”. Feature phones are a mixture of smart phones and classic phones (only for calling). Even though feature phones do not provide to full functionality of modern smart phones, the enable users to access the Internet, and provides also features like GPS and WiFi. The main target market of feature phones are developing countries where people cannot invest much money in phones. KaiOS runs e.g. on Nokia 8110, the so called “Banana mobile phone”.

According to Google apps like maps and YouTube should run in future also under KaiOS.  Google Manager Anjali Joshi explains that all people shall have access on Google services, including desktop, smart phones but also feature phone users. KaiOS will use the Google investment in order to faster distribute KaiOS enabled phones.

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