New Oculus Quest self sufficient headset available

Self sufficient headsets which can provide VR without a connected PC or smartphone are available for quite a long time now, however, they could not provide the same quality as headsets directly using PC HW power. The new Oculus Quest offers now the same quality and provides additionally a very stable body tracking in all 6 movement axis. The Oculus Quest shall be introduced to the market in spring 2019 for 400 US dollars.

Quest is a little bit heavier than the Rift. The in the headset integrated movement detectors work reliable, also in connection with the hand controller. It can handle also occlusions. Quest uses the same optics than the Oculus Go, the resolution is 1600 × 1440 Pixel per eye, a little bit more than the Go model provides. Furthermore the Quest uses OLED displays instead of LCD. For a self sufficient system the Quest offers very good quality in tracking and display.


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