Google blocks Android updates and PlayStore for Huawei

According to the news agency Reuters will Google cancel the commercial contract with Huawei. This is caused due to the US embargo against China, where Trump put Huawei on a black list because of suspect of industry spy.  In detail this means that Huawai smart phones won’t be able to get updates on Android anymore nor can they access the PlayStore. Furthermore Google Apps like maps and gmail  cannot be used anymore.

This will affect only newly bough smart phones, all already existing smart phones will be able to access the Google PlayStore and will also receive security updates. However, they will not receive anymore new Android versions.

It is unclear what this will mean for future smart phones. Android is a nopen source project, so there are possibilities to keep them updated, however, this requires special technical know how which cannot be expected from the masses. So the only solution seems to be that Huawei will release on own operating system. According to insider knowledge Huawei is already working on such a solution for a longer time.

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