Boston Dynamics robot Spot will be introduced to market shortly

Spot, the four legged robot, will be the first commercial product of Boston Dynamics. Within the next few months the robot shall be introduced to the market. Currently the robot still participates in several studies including building market and parcel delivery. The 3D cameras of the robot are able to monitor the soroundings of construction sites and may indicate possible areas of risk. The robot has also an arm which can be controlled by the user.

The robot was demonstrated live at the re:MARS conference from amazon, which is controlled via a gaming pad. The control is intuitive and easy to use, the robot can be controlled like a model car. Via the camera you will receive a life stream of the robot to the control. By indicating positions within the video the robot will move there. Also the arm can be controlled by the game tablet.

In comparison to simple logistics robots spot is able to adapt dynamically to its soroundings and has not to be programmed exactly for each task. This relates to human capabilities, which the robot shall have. The product will not be a mass product, the company plans to produce 1000 / year as a starting point. The price for the robot is not set yet, but shall be much cheaper than the prototype.

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