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Microsoft starts artificial intelligence offensive

Microsoft recently introduced a new kit of artificial intelligence (ai) systems for consumers, companies and developers. This involves their assistant Cortana, a chatbot and a simultaneous translator. For its electronic assistant Cortana Microsoft announced a developer interface. With this so … Continue reading

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Second Life celebrates its 10th anniversary – some statistics

On 23 June 2003  Second Life developed by Linden Lab was officially started. Because of this anniversary Linden Lab published some statistics. After the initial hype on this new virtual world it became a little bit silent. But still one … Continue reading

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More people are gaming on facebook

During the Game Developers Conference in Cologne (Germany) facebook announced an increase of gaming members by 8.4%. This is in absolute numbers 30 millions more than last year.  According to facebook statistics it is up to 35% more likely that … Continue reading

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