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Intel announces new augmented reality glasses “Vaunt” projecting directly on the human retina

Intel works smart glasses called Vaunt which look like normal glasses and have a weight of only 50 gramm, as reported by The Verge.  All electronics including battery are within the glasses iron. In comparison to Google glass the Vaunt … Continue reading

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New VR glyph 3D glasses project image directly on retina

The us start-up company Avegant presented at the CES in Las Vegas  its new VR glasses “Glyph“. This glasses differ significantly from other VR glasses due to the fact that it projects the video images directly on the retina of … Continue reading

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Oculus touch finally on the market

In December 2016 finally the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality feeling is amended by Oculus Touch. Until now Oculus Rift was delivered only with a conventional gamepad, where as the competitors HTC Vive and Playstation VR  started right from the begin … Continue reading

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3D entertainment with Glyph glasses

The new 3D glasses from Glyph projects its 3D data directly on the retina, which gives the user the impression to watch an image on an 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 m. The big advantage of the … Continue reading

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Microsoft introduces new 3D monitor with touchable 3D objects

Microsoft Labs introduced a prototype for a new 3D monitor which enables users not only to see 3D objects but also to touch them. Even though the main operation of the monitor is done with one finger and 3D glasses … Continue reading

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The arm acts as an antenna for secure communication

Microchip introduced at the embedded world in Nuernberg a new development kit: the BodyCom. It uses small tags with which it communicates over the body impedance by using signals transferred via capacity. image Microchip The human body acts in this … Continue reading

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Google glass uses head bones in order to communicate with the user

In April 2012 Google published a first video study on its Google glasses illustrating how a typical day could look like owning this device. Recently Google received the official approval from the federal communications commission (fcc) which is needed for … Continue reading

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