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New AI boss at Tesla brings in important know-how

Andrew Karpathy is the new leader of AI at Tesla. His specialization is in deep and reinforcement learning, especially the latter which is important for Tesla in connection with autonomous driving. Reinforcement learning is a hot topic which is currently … Continue reading

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Police robot car to be used in Dubai for autonomous patrols

According to a press release already this year a robot police car will be used for patrols in Dubai. The mini car is equipped with face recognition software and shall identify criminals and even persecute them. (image from: Concretely … Continue reading

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PublicWLAN – VW announces intelligent car communication

VW announcedĀ in 2019 first cars (most probably Golf) will be equipped with Public WLAN (pWLAN). pWLAN shall enable cars to exchange information about traffic infrastructure, accidents etc. This information can be exchanged in an area of 500 meter around the … Continue reading

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Artificial intelligence is integral part of modern medicine

The future of modern medicine will be artificial intelligence. From this – Jochen Werner, CEO and medical director of the university clinic Essen – is absolutely convinced. Already now AI takes over the work of key persons. From e.g. the … Continue reading

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NASA robots twitter from space

NASA rover curiosity sent at the beginning of 2017 “a good new year” to all his fans on twitter. During X-mas he was alone, but he sent a message “I do not feel lonely”. During the holidays when he had … Continue reading

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New VR glyph 3D glasses project image directly on retina

The us start-up company Avegant presented at the CES in Las VegasĀ  its new VR glasses “Glyph“. This glasses differ significantly from other VR glasses due to the fact that it projects the video images directly on the retina of … Continue reading

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Microsoft starts artificial intelligence offensive

Microsoft recently introduced a new kit of artificial intelligence (ai) systems for consumers, companies and developers. This involves their assistant Cortana, a chatbot and a simultaneous translator. For its electronic assistant Cortana Microsoft announced a developer interface. With this so … Continue reading

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