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First super market without cashiers

Amazon opened in Seattle (US) the first super market without any cash registers. The vision of “Amazon Go” is that customers just take the goods needed and leave afterwards the super market. The payment is done automatically via their amazon … Continue reading

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Smart tooth brush with AI uses Apples Research kit

Colgate introduced its smart electronic toothbrush E1 with real time sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The tooth brush offers an interface to Apple’s open research interface ResearchKit and enables therefore scientific studies. ((c) image: Colgate) The tooth brush connects … Continue reading

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Drug recommendation based on face recognition

In two Austrian pharmacy stores the company Bayer Austria currently tests a system which scans the faces of the customer. Based on the scan the software determines sex and approximate age of the person and proposes drugs. According to Bayer … Continue reading

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Police robot car to be used in Dubai for autonomous patrols

According to a press release already this year a robot police car will be used for patrols in Dubai. The mini car is equipped with face recognition software and shall identify criminals and even persecute them. (image from: Concretely … Continue reading

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NASA robots twitter from space

NASA rover curiosity sent at the beginning of 2017 “a good new year” to all his fans on twitter. During X-mas he was alone, but he sent a message “I do not feel lonely”. During the holidays when he had … Continue reading

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Chip implantations are the next step after wearables

In the near future we won’t have any ID card anymore but only a chip in our body which will identify us. At least if the future will come as proposed by Kaspersky Labs which developed together with the Swedish … Continue reading

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PIN codes spy via iPhone heat sensor camera

In January 2014 the heat sensor camera FLIR One was presented in US and is now commercially available. The camera costs 350 US$ and allows to produce videos and photos with heat signatures of surfaces in colors. For this purpose … Continue reading

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Controversial parking auction app in San Francisco

MonkeyParking is an iOS App which allows people to earn money when leaving their parking space in San Francisco. This is done via an auction, the person giving the best bid will receive the parking slot.This usually results in double … Continue reading

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amazon announces “Amazon Prime Air” delivery service via drones

Currently amazon works out a concept to deliver parcels via drones to their customers. This new service called “Amazon Prime Air” which uses optocopters is ready for commercial usage. Amazon demonstrates it in a short demonstration video. Currently the ok … Continue reading

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Car starts motor autonomously without human interaction

The Japanese car producer Subaru has bad news for more than 50,000 customers in North Amercia for the brands Impreza, Outback and Crosstek. These cars can start their motors without human interaction or intention. Even though the now so called … Continue reading

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