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Boston Dynamics robot Spot will be introduced to market shortly

Spot, the four legged robot, will be the first commercial product of Boston Dynamics. Within the next few months the robot shall be introduced to the market. Currently the robot still participates in several studies including building market and parcel … Continue reading

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New AI boss at Tesla brings in important know-how

Andrew Karpathy is the new leader of AI at Tesla. His specialization is in deep and reinforcement learning, especially the latter which is important for Tesla in connection with autonomous driving. Reinforcement learning is a hot topic which is currently … Continue reading

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Police robot car to be used in Dubai for autonomous patrols

According to a press release already this year a robot police car will be used for patrols in Dubai. The mini car is equipped with face recognition software and shall identify criminals and even persecute them. (image from: Concretely … Continue reading

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Robot learns to walk like a human

Humanoid Robots (walking on two legs) currently still have big difficulties with walking on uneven surfaces. American scientists from Human and Machine Cognition Robotics Lab in Pensacola in Florida developed together with Boston Dynamics (a Google subsidiary) a new algorithm … Continue reading

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A new robot for rescue operations – Atlas

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) introduced a new humanoid robot called Atlas. This 1.9 m high robot has a weight of 150 kg (approx. 300 pounds) and shall be used during civil rescue operations. The robot was developed by … Continue reading

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