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Boston Dynamics robot Spot will be introduced to market shortly

Spot, the four legged robot, will be the first commercial product of Boston Dynamics. Within the next few months the robot shall be introduced to the market. Currently the robot still participates in several studies including building market and parcel … Continue reading

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Drug recommendation based on face recognition

In two Austrian pharmacy stores the company Bayer Austria currently tests a system which scans the faces of the customer. Based on the scan the software determines sex and approximate age of the person and proposes drugs. According to Bayer … Continue reading

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Police robot car to be used in Dubai for autonomous patrols

According to a press release already this year a robot police car will be used for patrols in Dubai. The mini car is equipped with face recognition software and shall identify criminals and even persecute them. (image from: Concretely … Continue reading

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PublicWLAN – VW announces intelligent car communication

VW announced¬†in 2019 first cars (most probably Golf) will be equipped with Public WLAN (pWLAN). pWLAN shall enable cars to exchange information about traffic infrastructure, accidents etc. This information can be exchanged in an area of 500 meter around the … Continue reading

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Chip implantations are the next step after wearables

In the near future we won’t have any ID card anymore but only a chip in our body which will identify us. At least if the future will come as proposed by Kaspersky Labs which developed together with the Swedish … Continue reading

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PIN codes spy via iPhone heat sensor camera

In January 2014 the heat sensor camera FLIR One was presented in US and is now commercially available. The camera costs 350 US$ and allows to produce videos and photos with heat signatures of surfaces in colors. For this purpose … Continue reading

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facebook Graph Search now also available in Germany

The new facebook functionality “Graph Search” enables the search for users with the same interests. This functionality was so far only available for users in US, but will be now also available for users in Germany as facebook announced on … Continue reading

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eCall – European Commission pavens way for automatic emergency calls from cars

The EC accepted the proposal to equip all new cars from October 2015 with an automatic emergency call system mandatory.¬† This has to be still accepted by the EC member states and the European parliament. The system named eCall is … Continue reading

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The arm acts as an antenna for secure communication

Microchip introduced at the embedded world in Nuernberg a new development kit: the BodyCom. It uses small tags with which it communicates over the body impedance by using signals transferred via capacity. image Microchip The human body acts in this … Continue reading

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Ice attack on Android smartphones

Two researchers from the university of Erlangen demonstrated the access on encrypted data within Android smartphones by cooling down the device in a refrigerator. To do this the researchers cooled down the device below -10 degrees Celsius and then they … Continue reading

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