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eCall – European Commission pavens way for automatic emergency calls from cars

The EC accepted the proposal to equip all new cars from October 2015 with an automatic emergency call system mandatory.  This has to be still accepted by the EC member states and the European parliament. The system named eCall is … Continue reading

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The arm acts as an antenna for secure communication

Microchip introduced at the embedded world in Nuernberg a new development kit: the BodyCom. It uses small tags with which it communicates over the body impedance by using signals transferred via capacity. image Microchip The human body acts in this … Continue reading

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Ice attack on Android smartphones

Two researchers from the university of Erlangen demonstrated the access on encrypted data within Android smartphones by cooling down the device in a refrigerator. To do this the researchers cooled down the device below -10 degrees Celsius and then they … Continue reading

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The top five innovations which will change our lives proposed by IBM

IBM thinks that computers and smart devices will have human senses in five years from now. This can be read from the – since 2006 – yearly posted top five innovations by IBM. In the first proposal for the future … Continue reading

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EC study recommends for police to increase the usage of social media

A study of the EC project Composite (Comparative Police Studies in the EU) reveals that the usage of social media may efficiently support the work of the police. Social media like facebook, twitterm, google+ are on the one hand a … Continue reading

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twitter to be used by emergency operational forces

Researchers from the university of technology Delft and TNO plan to use twitter in order to support emergency operational forces. The by the researches developed system Twitcident can filter messages from the twitter feed and sort them according to specific … Continue reading

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Neuartiger Bildschirm erlaubt mehreren Personen verschiedene Bilder zu sehen

Forscher der kanadischen Universität McMaster in Hamilton ist es gelungen ein Display zu entwickeln, welches mehreren Personen gestattet auf ein und demselben Schirm verschiedene Bilder zu betrachten. Hierzu wird die hohe Bildwiederholfrequenz der bereits bestehenden Displays ausgenutzt. Zur Erklärung: das … Continue reading

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