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New Oculus Quest self sufficient headset available

Self sufficient headsets which can provide VR without a connected PC or smartphone are available for quite a long time now, however, they could not provide the same quality as headsets directly using PC HW power. The new Oculus Quest … Continue reading

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Intel announces new augmented reality glasses “Vaunt” projecting directly on the human retina

Intel works smart glasses called Vaunt which look like normal glasses and have a weight of only 50 gramm, as reported by The Verge.¬† All electronics including battery are within the glasses iron. In comparison to Google glass the Vaunt … Continue reading

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New VR glyph 3D glasses project image directly on retina

The us start-up company Avegant presented at the CES in Las Vegas¬† its new VR glasses “Glyph“. This glasses differ significantly from other VR glasses due to the fact that it projects the video images directly on the retina of … Continue reading

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From June 2016 only apps from watchOS2 SDK will be allowed for Apple Watch

A blog entry of Apple announces, that from June 2016 only Apps developed with the watchOS 2 SDK will be allowed in the Apple Store. Since Sep. 2015 native apps are available for apple watch. They allow to read out … Continue reading

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Chip implantations are the next step after wearables

In the near future we won’t have any ID card anymore but only a chip in our body which will identify us. At least if the future will come as proposed by Kaspersky Labs which developed together with the Swedish … Continue reading

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