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Neue BITKOM Studie belegt: 75% der Deutschen sind in einem sozialen Netzwerk!

Über 75% der Deutschen Bürgerinnen und Bürger sind laut einer aktuellen BITKOM Studie Teil eines sozialen Netzwerkes. Davon sind die meisten (96%) unter 30 Jahre, von den über 50 jährigen ist nur jeder Zweite bei einem sozialen Netz dabei. Zu … Continue reading

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facebook Like Button auf Websites unter heftiger Kritik in Deutschland

Ausgehend vom Datenschutzbeauftragten in Schleswig Holstein zieht die Kritik am “Gefällt mir” add-in von facebook auf anderen websites immer größere Kreise.  Die ersten Behörden haben bereits begonnen den Like Button auf Ihren Websites zu löschen. Grund ist die Sammlung von … Continue reading

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Free online university courses at Stanford and others

It lools like the recently getting more and more popular trend of open resources turns now even into free education. Several universities including well known such as Stanford offer free degree programs. E.g. at Stanford free online degrees in Artificial … Continue reading

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Computers start to think like humans

Since 2008 IBM is working on a new processor generation which works like the human brain. This CPUs shall not work like a “Von-Neumann-Computer”, bust shall be able to learn from its experiences, derive new knowledge and make assumptions. The … Continue reading

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amazon becomes a publisher

Amazon publishing- the new still nameless part of amazon dedicated to publishing of books – announced its first boo which is already likely to become a Bestseller. It will be a book from the famous author Timothy Ferriss. Ferriss is … Continue reading

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Google plans to buy Motorola Mobile

As a kind of forward strategy in the never ending patent war Google plans to buy Motorola Mobile. 12.5 billion dollar is the price, approximately 60% more than the worth of Motorola on the stock market. Having Motorola Mobile on … Continue reading

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Smartphones with airbag

Jeff Bezos, founder of amazon and Greg Hart, vice president of amazon are obviously interested in protecting smart phones when being accidentally dropped. They developed the idea of “airbags for smartphones” and applied for a patent in February 2010. Now … Continue reading

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